An”I Don’t Care” Day

idontcareday2Bodybuilders call them CHEAT DAYS – the one day they don’t diet. The day they can have pizza and a Pepsi or a dozen greasy tacos and a six pack of beer. They work out like a fiend all week, counting every calorie, chugging those vitamin-filled but nasty-tasting Kale smoothies and concentrating every second on their goals. They sweat and grunt and strain as they push themselves toward that almighty quest of perfection, but in the back of their mind they know…they have a Cheat Day coming up and it makes it all worthwhile. They won’t think or discuss anything that has to do with the gym, lifting weights or cardio. On that day the gym is a taboo subject. Cheat days are for being human and treating the psyche.

Writers need Cheat Days too. One day when they are not thinking about characters or plots, word counts or, even promotions or sales. Writers tax their minds the same way a bodybuilder does their anatomy and the fatigue can be just as great. They can lose their drive; the incentive to write.  Some may develop writers block because they overloaded it or just plain frustration that makes their work less than what they want it to be..

We are all driven by a need to be successful in what we do. That fire of motivation can be awe-inspiring sometimes, but it can also burn one out. Once you’ve hit that almighty burn-out it’s difficult to see anything positive or enjoyable. And Life isn’t only about how many good reviews you have or how many people have bought your book or having a number one book.If that’s all you’re focusing on, you are missing the real beauty of life… Focusing on a goal can blind you to the enjoyment of life. So sometimes you just need to step back and away from the things that you think will make you successful…and have an I Don’t Care Day. A Day for you. A day to relax, have some coffee, eat some ice cream, take a walk..a trip…or just a lazy day in bed. A day to be carefree and shed the anxieties of what trying to be successful brings. Think about anything but what you think about the rest of the week and you’ll be surprised that when you do go back to it…you’re gonna feel just a little more human and happy! Sometimes it really is the little things that make us successful.



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