What’s an ADVENTURE?

summerpromonewfrom A Summer Of Guiltless Sex By Dan Skinner – Now available at Amazon. com



“I can tell you what I think adventure is,” he announced in a voice that told me he

was going to make his case in spite of my protests. “It’s life.” His blue eyes held mine

for a number of seconds before he looked back down at the tickets in his hands. “It’s

not about closing the door and shutting the blinds and playing it safe. It’s not about

giving up or giving in. It certainly isn’t about not trying something because you

assume it’s not going to be to your tastes or liking. If I’d been afraid of the word gay

like some people are, I woulda walked away that first day when I met you and you

announced it like it was a warning to me. Like you were so different I should run in the

other direction. But I’m not afraid of the word or the experience, and if I’d turned

away, I would have missed out on a hell of a lot. A friend. A really fun guy. Someone I

like a lot.” His eyes were on me again and this time held something I couldn’t escape

—he was right. “Fear is temporary. Regret is permanent. Adventure is taking a chance

because it’s better than the question mark if you don’t.”




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