abookpromotheyrehereFrom My Sci-Fi/Thriller novel, XPERIMENT

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“There isn’t a more harmless group of people on Earth than my friends were,” he said. “There was no reason for anyone to do this to them. Why not choose people deserving of their hatred? Why do this to innocent people? It makes no sense.”

Henryk was sympathetic. “It’s hard to explain to someone with a good heart how a dark mind works. Terrorism is not about people with righteous convictions trying to make the world a better place for us. It’s about cowards trying to force others to live by their rules and in the ways which they choose. There aren’t any good intentions in the actions of these people. It’s about hate, intolerance, prejudice and a sociopathic desire to have dominion over others. They target the most vulnerable so they can more easily inspire fear. They believe being feared elevates their stature; gives them significance and the power that comes with it. They believe fear will force people to bend to their will. Make no mistake; these people are not human. They’re the trolls under the bridge that lie in wait, the ogres hiding in the trees that attack the hapless traveler. They breathe in air and exhale poison.”

“How do you stop them? What can we do to make them see what they’re doing is wrong? That it’s not right to bring innocent people into something they have nothing to do with?”

The stout man popped another beer, easing back into the thick cushion of the chair. He had that wizened look that comes with age and experience.

“I’m afraid there’s no getting through to a radical. Any attempt at rational conversation with them is viewed as your concession. They have only one plan: you will do as they say or they will tyrannize and kill without remorse. My mother said this about the Nazis, but it applies to all terrorists. If someone has to trample your rights to ensure their own, you have a terrorist. They don’t have to wear a uniform. They can be dressed like any scrubbed, fresh-faced politician. Or they could be your neighbor. Anyone who looks down on you and feels you deserve fewer rights than them.” He took a sip of beer, wiped the foam from his mouth. “My mother, this little Polish woman who liked to dance barefoot when she cooked, said; if you see the monsters at your door, you don’t back down, you don’t go quietly, you don’t acquiesce to their pretense of power. You fight them at the polls; fight them with how you live your life, and fight them by not stooping to their level.” He leaned closer to Chris. “She said these words that I’ve never forgotten. No one owns you. No one controls you. No one makes your rules. Just you.” He shifted his gaze to Geoff. “They’ll be found. They’ll be dealt with.” He turned back to Chris and in a softer tone said, “In the meantime, remember your friends and how they gave you comfort and made you smile.”




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