SEXUALITY (An Excerpt from XPERIMENT) A Novel By Dan Skinner

happyvalentinesday1The Force of Human Sexuality, Robert Lindell Seuthers speech before the American Board of Psychology, June 6, 2009

“The most dynamic directive in the human psyche is our sexuality. It is an imprint in each of us as individual as our fingerprint, an instinct borne in us that shapes everything we are: how we behave, how we think, what drives us. It is not, as religion falsely attests, solely a drive to preserve our existence through procreation. To say that it has only one purpose is a perversion of its true nature. We need it because it changes our chemistry, giving us an impetus to achieve goals, to conquer, by force or seduction. Almost all human will is directly tied to it. It’s how we interpret pleasure, despair, and anger. It shapes our self-perception.

“Is it any wonder that religion has attempted to control us by making us believe that the most powerful shaping force in our species is nasty and should be hidden? Religion, the world’s first political entity, wanted to rule the force that actually controls us. They tried to make us believe that anything outside their guidelines was sickness or sin, when it was their laws that were corruptions of reality. We must shake our concepts of sexuality free from the shackles of what we’ve been taught and allow it its proper place in the real, evolving world.

“It’s been proven that a starving man will think about sex three times more often than food. That the thought of sex can actually suppress the signals of hunger. The average human is said to think about sex every ten seconds. This demonstrates that the creature we‘ve nurtured in civilization is not the one we’re meant to be. It’s been repressed by unnatural restraints. The very politicians who’ve written laws governing our sexuality are impediments to progress by saying no one is equal unless they conform to their narrow definition of equal. They’re the real perverts of our society. We should be writing laws to govern them.

“Let me explain why the politicians writing laws against equality are criminals. When they say that any of us isn’t equal, they’re positioning themselves as would-be masters, us as slaves, the law as whips. They’re saying that they alone deserve basic human rights by declaring that everyone different is less than human.

“It’s imperative to recognize these politicians as a destructive force. They are the real terrorists because they are trying to destroy humanity using nature’s own gift as a weapon against it. We can’t sit idly by and let them bring chaos to the world by allowing them to control who can and cannot love. There is no greater ideal in our existence than love. Let’s call these people what they are… monsters.”

Xperiment, A SciFi Novel By Dan Skinner

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