anewmask“It’s not just that man, supposedly the most intelligent creature in our known universe, in his greed, blind ambition and willful carelessness has chosen to destroy the perfect balance of nature on which his life depends, but he’s committed himself to obliterating intelligence altogether. We have lawmakers who prefer mythology to science, fiction to reality, faith over facts and lies versus the truth. They start wars in the names of all their gods, and wash their hands in the blood of innocents like it’s righteous water. They blatantly and proudly design laws to discriminate and denigrate those who are not like them and base it on fables. They preach hatred, intolerance, and segregation. Rather than bring man together, they want to separate and enslave him. They neither aspire nor inspire. They drag progress backward to the age of ignorance when women had no role but as servant to man, not owning their own bodies, or having choices in their life. And they smile proudly as if their stupidity were a badge of honor. Their minds are closed like steel traps and they are backed by enough money to put the worst of the worst of them in power. It’s fascism under a new banner, guaranteeing a world of suffering rather than progress. They are the cancer eating away not only at the globe we live on, but at civilization itself.”
EXCERPT from my Sci-fi Novel, XPERIMENT
BUY LINK: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B019UUUTY2




7 thoughts on “A NEW MASK OVER AN OLD FACE

  1. Loved the excerps from your novels and the tales about Dirk and his family and friends! Great to here you are selling more books as a result! Dirk is a character to be sure and unabashedly so! Hang onto him he knows! Peace and Love!


  2. Sprinkler_UK
    5.0 out of 5 stars UTTERLY BRILLIANT
    4 May 2017 & 9 March 2018
    Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

    I have just finished re-reading Xperiment so this is an update to my original review, below.

    I can honestly say that my enjoyment of this amazing story increased 100 fold this time through (and I already loved it). Within a few pages I realised one of the joys of Dan’s work, it is the sheer beauty in the way he uses words. I know of no other author who can put a sentence into a characters mouth that when you read it the effect is profound, breathtaking and moving. The language is exquisitely rich without being “smart ass” for the sake of it, as some other authors seem prone to. It is a joy to absorb the quality of the text.

    This story has such depth and is thought provoking on many levels. It is also scarily prophetic considering it was written well before the tragic election of 2016. The rhetoric spouted by the evil, haters in this book sounds frighteningly similar to the bilge that comes out of that obscene orange buffoon that lives in a house that may or may not be white. In this story Dan counters the evilness, that sadly is not that far removed from reality, with some of the most beautiful characters ever written. I can barely think of Chris without a lump in my throat, some of his lines are truly sublime.

    The other thing I noticed this time through was that much like Memorizing You, Dan does not just create 2 main characters to carry the story, he has a strong fully-formed cast that all have a depth that adds greatly to the journey.

    I am in awe of Dan Skinner’s talent and if there was any justice he would be recognized as one of the most amazing story tellers ever. Both Memorizing You and Xperiment will be with me always and I look forward to reading them both many times in the future. Both amazing, rich stories, beautifully written. I cannot recommend them highly enough and will encourage every reader I know to Dan’s amazing work.

    Original Review
    This book is quite simply incredible. The story-line is completely absorbing from page 1 to the last page. For the last 3 years my favourite book has been Memorizing You also by Dan Skinner. I have read it 4 times and will read it again and again. This book has now become my joint favourite books of all time. The words that Dan gives his characters are in places sublime. All of a sudden one of the characters says something that makes your breath catch and tears flow. When characters fall in love, you fall in love and when they hurt you do. I am an avid reader and have read many, many good books but none that get me so deeply as Dan’s. To borrow some words from the most amazing author I have had the extreme good fortune to read: “Dan you devastate me”. Seriously, thank you.

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      • Thank you your kind words Dan. I have read and loved all of your books but Memorizing You and Xperiment have worked their way permanently in to my heart. Even after having known David and Ryan’s story for so long now, if my friend says to me “Perhaps there will be bluebirds this year” I instantly tear up. (BTW she does have a mean streak). That’s how deeply the story affects me, I call it an exquisite emotion, my friend says I’m not happy unless I’m crying my eyes out. Anyway Dan thank you for your amazing stories and I wish you health, happiness and good fortune in everything you do.
        Rob, Oxford (UK).


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