Dirk’s First Date Advice

TDMvolume4Dirk is in Houston with his Mom and Grandmama this week for some family stuff and was all excited about the new guy (Jake) at the gym asking me to his place for coffee. He’s had his eye on Jake almost from the beginning because he’s a beautiful bodybuilder with a headful of dark black hair and a sweet face.
DIRK: You ought to get a king-sized can of shaving cream and new razors and shave each other in the shower!!
DOC: Dirk, it’s a first date!
DIRK: Yeah, maybe coffee is the way to go…

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2 thoughts on “Dirk’s First Date Advice

  1. And now we all know how Jonathan got hauled into your relationship with Dirk 🙂 LOL

    Hope he still friends/likes you – after that!



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