Most authors never really talk about anything “behind-the-scenes” about their work, but I wanted to take the opportunity to do just that. As most folks know my novella, A Summer of Guiltless Sex” was my collaboration with my real-life muse, Dirk. His idea…his characters.. his story… I wrote it… I’m the one that is credited (by his insistence because he said he can’t write a lick), but it was very much a Dirk and “Doc” goodie.
It was also the fastest piece of writing I’ve ever done because he made it so easy to visualize who these people were and what this story was actually about. The title is what we called, “the fantasy spark.” We all have a reason we go into any venture and with our characters the spark was the idea that they could have one season of fun without any of the drama. And it was our tongue-in-cheek way of having fun by making ya’ll think it was nothing but sexual fluff. But we wanted to do something more… we wanted you to know these guys, Bill and Ted..(yes we named them that on purpose because of the Adventure thingie..lol) We wanted you to see they were just like me and you… they were just normal guys who were trying to piece their lives together.. and find meaning in a meaningless world… AND that was what the story is truly about.. discovery… Discovering who you are… and more important… WHO you can be… and WHAT you can do…
Dirk is so proud of this book that he reads each and every email we get about it…and insists on answering them with me. I’m proud of it because in essence there is a little bit of both of us in this book.. We were looking for meaning in a meaningless world…and we discovered a friendship that did just that….
When you read it…think about all those wonderful people that are in your life..or that were in your life… that changed everything in the way you saw things…That’s your Bill and Ted….

A SUMMER OF GUILTLESS SEX By DAN SKINNER : https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01D903HXE



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