Now you can support the type of sensual, erotic male photographic art you enjoy!
By being a contributor to our Dan Skinner Art Patreon “Friends Club” you’ll become a member of our interactive resource in bringing you the finest, most beautiful male models and the most exquisite, romantic and titillating photo art ever!
Here’s what we plan to do: for your contributions we invite you to participate in telling us what you would like to see us photograph. Throw any exciting idea at us: flirtatious scenes, cosplay role-playing, romantic or  even naughty. We’ll give them to the guys when we shoot to see what triggers their playful imaginations. Each month we’ll have new guys, your new ideas and new shoots. We plan on doing newsletters chocked full of behind-the-scenes fun stuff and photos (especially the naughty stuff)…and even small vids of how we shoot scenes. Ya’ll like to see guys kissing; don’t ya’ll? We’ll do plenty of that. And yes, there will be plenty of the naked stuff. Romance ain’t romance unless there’s plenty of skin.
So here’s the deal: ya’ll can contribute.. as little or as much as you want. It will go to paying the models, finding the locations and the food and what-not we need on a shoot. Details on what we need to get a shoot going are on the Patreon site itself, but what’s great… with as many friends as I have, every little bit we get will get us to a shoot fast… and you’ll have the fun stuff even faster!
For authors who contribute $250.00 or more, we can offer in return a small video of the models promoting your book if you provide a link to the book. We’ll send you the vid which you can use on your own blog. What better way to get commercial attention?
Eventually we plan to offer interactive chats with the models once we get everything up and running. Even Youtubes and an eventual Vlog. Sounds great; doesn’t it?
Are you excited yet? Good. So are we! So contribute NOW and let’s get the ball rolling and the guys out of their clothes and kissing on camera!
see more of my work here:  https://theknobgoblin.tumblr.com/
and the galleries here: http://danthedanimal.deviantart.com/

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