063abecause we’re new to the Patreon site we didn’t word it clearly enough to let folks know that when we ask for contributions it will only be toward the ONE Photo/Art Project we are working toward (at a time) and NOT a recurring monthly billing like some of the art students and Youtubers do… so you can contribute without getting caught in the same cycle. Also… because we are NOT working toward goals of making this our income like them…you can contribute as little as a dollar or as much as whatever… with more people adding just a little bit at a time… we can still get to our goal and start shooting again… So please join us… we want to make this work.. smoochers..

The main reason Dirk and I started the Patreon fund to finance our shoots is because we want to do something different… MORE intense… MORE passionate… More graphically engaging with the shoots. We want to be able to pay the guys a bit (we’re all poor) and feed them and provide them with a few beers and maybe a pizza for their hard work…

But We’re looking to do something to push past the barriers of what we’ve done. I want to let the guys be themselves in these erotic settings… to be able to fully express themselves and make that passion sizzle thru the photo so that it almost burns your screen up. We want to try new things… maybe a bit of cosplay… graphic story telling….

I’ve wanted to do a graphic story of a young, sweet-faced and innocent looking. almost sad hustler being picked up off the street by a man whose initial intention was simply to engage in some wild. quick sex… to show how from the sex something else happens… they fall for each other… hard… and when the hustler goes to leave… just as he walks out the door… he pulls him back for a kiss that isn’t bought… it’s real…

I want to solicit your suggestions for shoots… authors have vivid imaginations and we can provide the beautiful bodies to make those visions come to life. I really want to push the envelope with the new stuff… classy…but hot AND a tad more graphic…

I’d like to be able to do one or two shoots a month if we can get the financing for that. We’re not asking people for life savings, but with so many friends who enjoy my work, if you gave us what you’d spend on a Starbucks or a meal at Rally’s… the cumulative effect would get us there quite easily…

We’ve got so many great plans.. but we need to get the ball rolling… if ya wanna help… here’s the place…

we love ya and thank ya and hope to give ya some really hawt and wonderful stuff..

The Patreon Friends donation site:  https://www.patreon.com/DanSkinnerArt



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