I’ve been a nice guy all my fucking life… ALL my fucking life…I’ve been the good guy, the guy who turned the other cheek, who bore the brunt of every bad deed done to me with a smile, saying this will make me stronger; not bitter.


Fuck all of that. Fuck it all. I’m done with being the motherfucking football of homophobic, Bible-thumping, illiterate Neanderthals. I grew up with these nutjobs… they were my parents and my parent’s friends and I know how they think and this shit ain’t gonna get any better by turning the other cheek and letting them have their way. That’s what they want because they honestly think we liberals are “all pussies”…and we already know what their Commander-in-Chief said you should do with those.


We’re dealing with people who cannot be reasoned with. There’s no chance of a  “rational” conversation with an individual who slobbers every time their troll at the NRA says “it’s time to grab your guns because the liberal scourge is coming to take your rights away!” Their favorite conspiracy theorist is promoting a real-life civil war where they have a “final solution’ for anyone they deem different than them.


Don’t fool yourself into thinking this is all a flight of fancy in their fevered imagination. They’ve been dreaming about this for years… for FUCKING years. I know. I grew up in the middle of them. I heard their conversations. I know what they think. I know their hatred. And it has no limits. Their lives are so empty because of their “God” and their “pseudo-Christianity” that their unhappiness has spilled into their heart to fill where good things should be with nothing but boiling hatred. And they want to make the world as unhappy as they are. Their only joy is the idea that they will actually and finally be able to vent their self-repressed anger on the world with honest-to-goodness bloodshed.


So get a grip folks. Being a nice guy in a world of these people is like walking naked with an open wound in crocodile-infested swamp water. They’re just chomping to eat you alive.


I’ve experienced their vitriol in some form almost every day of my life since I ran away from my Evangelical home. I am gay. I am a gay photographer and gay author. They hunt people like us down on the internet just for the sport of trying to ruin our businesses and our lives and terrorize us. I have to block at least fifty of them a day on twitter. I have to guard my Facebook account and read every profile carefully of anyone who friends me looking for the religious fanatic, the Tea party radical, the homo-hating Republican to make sure they don’t infect my social life with their repressed rage.


They are not like us. We don’t go hunting for them in social media. We don’t purposely try to make their lives miserable. We don’t pointedly stalk people different than us. They do. Get that through your heads. They do. They stalk the liberals, the homosexuals, the atheists… WHY? Because they want to ruin your lives and businesses and bring you down into their own squalid misery….


So if you are thinking of sitting back passively and watching all of this like it’s a reality show…. got news for you…. this is as real as it fucking gets… They are out to win… and winning for them includes that gun in their hand and the freedom to use it as they please….


If order and law isn’t restored in this government…then the crazies will own it…and you will see something that has never been seen before… an Asylum of crazies running rampant over good, law-abiding, turn-the-other cheek people like I was…


So FUCKING resist… vote these motherfuckers out… make sure they never get back in… we have laws to keep things in balance… that’s why there are stop and go lights at every intersection… without them…every thing would be a wreck!!….