(I opened my email this morning and this was the first thing I saw. I cried. Still am, Wow!)
I want to personally thank you and Dirk for your Misadventure books. Recently my husband and I have endured a series of misfortunes, the last being the loss of his job. We were struggling and both of us being past our middle-aged prime worried about how we could start our lives over. I fell into a depression filled with anxiety. I worried about everything. I couldn’t tell you how long it’d been since I laughed, or even smiled. Then someone told me about your books; about how you had to start life all over again and how it ended up with you meeting this precocious young man who changed your perspective and brought joy back to you. I thought – 99 Cents – I’ll give it a shot. Dan (Doc) I did something I never thought would happen again: I laughed until tears streamed down my face. I belly-laughed. It was a wonderful feeling to know that was still left inside me. I ended up buying all the books and reading them to my husband just so I could see his wonderful smile again. These books are not simply comedy – they’re inspirational. .You’ve proved… no matter what happens to you, starting again is always a great thing. Thank you again!

Marge P.



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