I’ve had this conversation several times with a number of people.. and it concerns the times I get down on myself…as we all do… I’m not rich… I don’t have a home… I live a frugal life… I, of course, want all the things everyone wants and I struggle every day to get a little closer to having a few of them… But on those occasions where I feel defeated I have to remind myself that I’ve accomplished quite a bit… First and foremost, I got “me” back. I can look in the mirror and say.. “I’m good with this man I see now.” It was a lot of hard work, and still is, but it was worth it to not dislike what I’d become. Secondly, my photography is known ’round the world… that’s quite an accomplishment for someone who always considered himself to be a perfectionist pain in the ass always criticizing every piece he’s done. I have a lot of friends who call themselves “fans” of my work… a number of them are well-known celebrities and that makes my heart happy that my work is enjoyed by such a wide selection of people. Thirdly, for years I procrastinated writing the books that were in me wanting to get out… it took a major life crisis to open the flow of words… I’m happy people enjoy them… and I am proud of them… and Memorizing You, the first book born of that crisis will probably always be the book I’m remembered for. I’m okay with that too because it’s a love story and I believe in love because I have all of you because of all of this…smoochers! copy copy