aaaaaaaaa Howdy, my name is Dan Skinner and for those of you who don’t know me  I’m a photographer of male/male romance book covers and a gay author. I live in the Midwest and I’m an avid runner.  For those not acquainted with my work you can find my novels on Amazon. com. The first is MEMORIZING YOU, a YA tale of first love. Others are THE BIBLE BOYS, THE PRICE OF DICK (don’t laugh it actually has another meaning hehehe), The ART OF THE HEART, A SUMMER OF GUILTLESS SEX and a gay Sci-Fi Thriller entitled XPERIMENT. I also have an oldie published at Dreamspinner Press entitled COVERBOY. So, there’s a little something for everyone. For those interested in my photography I have two galleries: http://danthedanimal.deviantart.com/    and: http://theknobgoblin.tumblr.com/   Be forewarned they are NSFW and very adult-oriented.  So sit back and enjoy. I hope to add new and entertaining stuff everyday!  Smooches Dan